Location: Ile Fourchue

Ile Fourchue is a small rocky island located approximately 3 nautical miles from St. Barth and it is one of my personal favorites. In stark contrast to the lush tropical islands of Nevis, St. Lucia and Dominica, Ile Fourchue is extremely dry and completely uninhabited. The bay, which when viewed from above resembles a submerged moon crater, is filled with beautiful aqua water and lined with pure white sand. The surrounding hills perfectly fend off the strong open ocean winds while simultaneously allowing the cool tropical breezes to refresh the deck. In addition to its natural beatuy, Ile fourchue provides an abundance of activities, everything from diving to hiking. Today began with a wonderful open water dive during which we saw upwards of 29 barracudas, 2 sea turtles and a pair of large spotted eagle rays. Some of the group even heard humpback whales underwater! After the dive, the crew continued their rescue diver certification and we spent the open afternoon windsurfing, swimming and hiking th surrounding peaks. Since we sail for Statia tomorrow, we also prepared the boat for our pasage and it became obvious that we, the crew, have become slightly salty. Each shipmate attended quietly and diligently to his/her tasks as we attached lazy jacks, lashed down scuba tanks, and completed all the necessary preparations. Ile Fourchue is one of the most untouched parts of the Caribbean we’ve seen and I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to swim to a deserted beach towing a dry bag filled with hiking shoes and a sun shirt only to hike ot the top of an island, ever again.