Location: Roseau, Dominica

After an early wake-up call at 6.40, the crew arose to a drizzly gray morning and a bagel breakfast in the salon. The misleadingly named Seacat Tour – a tour around the steep roads of Dominica with a pleasant guide named Seacat, dominated the day. We made multiple stops throughout the day, which saw us doing all sorts of activities, ranging from climbing trees to collecting delicious fruit, to sampling Dominican cooking at a locals house (juicy smoked chicken, breadfruit, and chocolate), to playing cricket on the beach with wickets made of driftwood and coconuts for a cricket ball and to waterfall jumping into the emerald rock pools. We got back to the dock tired but content, ready for some downtime before dinner. This time was spent catching up on homework, reading, napping, playing Bananagrams, and cutting hair (Scott now has ‘the parting of the red sea’ represented in 3D on his head). The chicken stir fry dinner was preceded by some revealing answers to the squeeze-question: what is something you are proud of and why? After a relaxed dinner and a swift clean up, the group completed a marine biology class and a fish quiz. The night was capped off with an open floor discussion on the way the trip has been going so far, which saw some opinions voiced and some issues discussed. Regarding today, many think that it was the best day yet! I’m about to go to sleep, having successfully done my first waterfall jump (which was extremely nerve-wracking) and knowing Dominica that little bit better.