Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda

The day started off with an adrenaline rush as the fire alarm sounded for our first drill onboard. In the descent of the rush, we talked philosophically over breakfast, preparing for the intense day ahead. Ocean Star’s crew strapped up for an early morning dive; the open water group spotted an octopus among many other forms of life under the clear water’s surface. After the diving quizzes, we noticed a dolphin splashed up to the surface when we were anchored at Mountain Point. The crew eagerly gathered to ready for our first sail. We hydrated and mentally prepared ourselves for our first nautical miles. After reviewing the rigging and setting specific jobs, we trimmed the sails and tacked forward to the royal blue horizon. With all hands on deck, nothing but wind and determination pushed the 67 and a half-ton schooner along the Caribbean. There’s something invigorating yet soothing about the ship moving with no sounds but the saltwater slapping along the sides. No diesel motor is necessary to navigate. The sense of camaraderie thickened when we, as students, tested ourselves as a crew. We traveled to Spanish Town to anchor for the evening, ready to build off of our first adventure underway.