Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

I hate to dwell on the topic of scuba diving, but you have to understand – it’s awesome. And although I know you’ve been reading about it for the last couple of days its warrants another mention. Why? Glad you asked. First, diving has completely dominated our schedule. In some cases, a diving class may spread itself well over a fortnight. It’s day 5 and we’re more than halfway done. Second, do you remember all your childhood dreams of being able to bounce around in space, fly, or breathe underwater? Well that’s basically scuba diving. Being neutrally buoyant is the closest you’ll get to zero gravity (assuming of course you’re not an astronaut or went to space camp), and swimming underwater at 60 ft is flying, and breathing underwater – well let me remind you that the “u – b -a” of “scuba” stands for “underwater breathing apparatus.” In short all your desired superpowers in one. Third, you have no idea how much there is to see underwater. Pull into a gorgeous new bay, like we did today, and the scenery at the surface would be enough to last a vacation. And looking down into the crystal clear water you’re more struck by what you can’t see, than what you can. But put on a mask and hop in and there is life everywhere. For example, some of the group went snorkeling today while we were blowing bubbles. This is a sampling of what they saw: schooling cuttlefish, a green sea turtle, squid, tarpon, and a trumpetfish. They also saw a sea slug, which isn’t usually that exciting, except this one was attached to Michael’s leg. And fourth, watch a person swim in the ocean and it looks like we just don’t fit. We’re slow, awkward, clumsy, and limited in our movement. The inverse of a “fish out of water.” But don a mask, fin, snorkel and scuba equipment and for the 40 minutes you’re underwater, you almost feel like you’re part of the ocean. Hopefully now you see my point.