Location: Great Dog

We are all certified open water divers! After passing our final PADI exam we descended to our deepest dive yet. At Great Dog, we jumped from Ocean Star’s deck and swam a short distance to the dive site. A blurry figure of a wreck resting on the sea floor appeared at the surface 50 feet under our fins. The descent down brought us closer and soon right on top of the aeroplane. Being suspended in the water column is becoming more empowering as we continue to learn buoyancy control. Breathing in the clear blue waters is more natural and magical, because in our eyes is wonder not panic. A bright purple tube sponge found its niche in the cockpit protruding like the pilot’s shifter. We all maneuvered in and around the plane for 25 minutes quietly observing the life swimming with us. After our dives we moved a short distance to Spanish Point. Some climbed the mast and some snorkeled in the beautiful blue and free dove 25 feet to the soft white sand. We all enjoyed curry chicken and another epic sun setting over the BVI’s to conclude our satisfying day.