Location: Underway to the Canary Islands, 29'27'N, 12'13'W

After spending an exciting and eventful week in Africa, today, we put it in our rear-view as we set sail for the Canary Islands. Movember found its way onto Argo as many of the boys arrived on deck with freshly shaved faces for a quick breakfast of cereal and oatmeal. The crew had an MTE class and then passage prep to get ready to get underway. Because of our interesting dockage situation, it took a while to get all lines and anchors back on board, but we were underway by lunchtime. Following lunch, there were two more classes and then some anxiously anticipated news: new watch teams! Our first passage, since hitting halfway through the trip, will be with all new faces. We are also very excited about moving from 3 to 4 watch teams #moresleep! The day was also spent looking for missing lasagna noodles for dinner, which on a boat with 20 t0 30 kg of pasta shoved into cubbies, under beds, floorboards and benches was quite the ordeal. Particularly large swells have our boot and ralliers singing their montage as we sail into the night.