Location: GHP, BVI

Today was a unique day for the Argonaut crew as the responsibilities that the crew has held as every day tasks was handed down to the students as a test. The day started off as any other normal day, 7:30 wake ups, a delicious breakfast, clean-up, scuba diving in a gorgeous location, soaking up the suns rays, and lunch. It was after lunch that the day began to take a turn. Captain Sam cordially walks over to me, the skipper, and informs me that the students will be in charge of this next passage, that the crew, himself included would play no part in achieving a successful voyage to GHP. Truthfully this was a huge surprise to all of the crew, myself included, as this was the first time a mission like this would be under taken. Furthermore, we were going to complete this voyage without the aid of GPS location, or radar, essentially the we were going to plot our own course by hand using a compass and “three point fixes”, a skill we acquired in our Basic Seamanship course. Due to the phenomenal performance of the students, and the excellent teaching from the staff throughout these past two and a half months we arrived to GHP successfully and on time, with out having any major foul ups Occur. Matt H. helmed the vessel for two hours safely guiding us through busy waters. Andy, Matt, Joe, Stephen and Biz did a fantastic job of using a compass to constantly plot our position keeping us on course while making way. Followed up by Kimmery and Biz manning the dingy to properly attach the vessel to our mooring ball at GHP. All in all it was an extremely successful trip for the students and all shared quite an accomplished feeling. This was the first time we had true responsibility for the vessel, the success of arriving to our next location, and performing all of this with out the aid of captain and crew, also achieving this without high-tech global positioning devices made the victory that much sweeter. The trip is swiftly coming to an end and this is with out a doubt a bittersweet feeling. We have knowledge and experience under our belt but that knowledge and experience only came with time, time we loved and time we will never get back. We our constantly enjoying every day that comes our way but our saddened when the days our gone, because we know that we are getting one step closer to that airplane ride home in Antigua. Yes, we are excited to see our family and friends, but the family bonds and friends we have made here will be dearly missed. So moments of team comradely such as completing a passage by students hands, and students hands alone our bonding experiences we won’t take for granted and moments we will never forget.