Location: Savannah Bay, Virgin Gorda

Today began early, with a wake up before 7am. Morning activities included completing a swim test, collecting dive gear for the trip, and having a quick crew meeting. Some last minute important provisions were made by almost all members of the crew, most included chocolate in some shape or form. PFD’s were issued and we talked about how this new group of people was going to get Ocean Star off the dock and out into open water, where she belongs. Next thing you know, “All lines clear!” was hollered from midships, and we were officially underway. Sandwiches cured some grumbling stomachs as we motored around Frenchmans Cay and set a course for Savannah Bay, 16 miles away. After a bit of time getting to know lines and procedures, the main sail went up without a hitch in anyone’s giddy-up. We came into Savannah Bay around 4 pm where we put the boat away after a nice calm sail, and salt water showers followed. Everyone took a bit of time tonight to appreciate the tranquility that surrounded us in this empty, beautiful anchorage. Your skipper, Al.