Location: Gustavia, St Barth's

It was an early rising day, leaving Barbuda at 06:00 and the air was still chilly. A refreshing cereal medley was put out to keep our energy up, and we set the sails. We divided into 2 hour watch teams, with watch team one (Graham, Roxy, Chris, Mac, Ev, and Caroline) leading us out. Immediately afterwards, everyone else went below to get a couple extra hours of sleep. It was refreshing. A few people had sore chests from surfing the close breaks at Barbuda, so working under the shade of a sail was nice, too. We dodged some crab traps, keeping a course between 280-300 degrees, varying throughout the day. Overall, we had very light winds and had to run the motor most of the way. Arriving in St. Barth’s was like anywhere else, except we flaked the sails as we lowered them this time! WHEW! That was a relief. There were a few rock islands on the outer edge of the harbor, too. (Hopefully we’ll dive them during our visit.) I had a nice, leisurely shower, totally touched the bottom (so did Ben and Chris) (40 ft down, no big deal). We had curry with potatoes, along with rice and canned chicken. Mac picked out some great tunes for after dinner cleanup, and we watched Captain Ron after a scheduling meeting around 19:30. New provisions tomorrow and fresh food coming aboard!