Location: Gustavia, St Barth's

Woke up to blasting music because we have great days when we’re woken up by music. We listened to some MIA followed by some Common. Dan toasted 3 bakers dozens of bagels for breakfast. After breakfast, we rocked into a BA and jammed out to some music. After a fabulous BA full of elbow grease and hard work, we were released onto the island of St. Barth’s for some shore time. Max, Chad and I decided to venture to Anse de Cayes for a surfing safari. The waves were 2-3 feet, mushy break, and choppy. We then ventured back to town at 16:00. We then had our usual shower time followed by dinner. Dan cooked up some Mexican Fiesta, it was delicious! Although we ate way too much. After dinner, we enjoyed singing “The Birthday Song” to Max for completing his 19th year of existence upon planet Earth. We devoured some brownies and rocked into a clean-up. Now we are gifted with the ability learn more in MTE class, a.k.a. The Dan and Graham Show. After class Dan is presenting the movie “Step Into Liquid” as a training video for our surfing adventure tomorrow. Thank you for reading my skippers log, it is greatly appreciated. We are having a crazy fun awesome splendid fabulous cool time aboard O-Star. We have learned tremendous skills while participating in many activities with our interesting staff members, in sailing and in life, things we will never forget, even if we tried. May peace be the journey.