Location: Gustavia, St Barth's

After a quick 7am breakfast, we headed to shore and piled into the rental car, which Dan shuttled back and forth from Gustavia to Anse de Cayes. After a quick lesson on waves and surfing courtesy of Casey and Ben, we all jumped into either body boarding or catching some waves on the surf boards. Many of us had some good rides; everyone caught a wave or two, whether standing, squatting, or lying down. We took breaks on the beach to toss around the football and tennis ball, and eat a delicious baguette lunch. Despite a few pretty epic wipeouts, we were all happily free of urchin, water, or sharp-rock related injuries at the end of the day. After lunch, Dan shuttled us back into Gustavia for blissful fresh water showers, crepes, and shopping. Now we’re all back on board, ready for our night out at La Select, where we plan on enjoying Jimmy Buffet’s legendary Cheeseburger in Paradise.