Location: Underway to Nevis

Today started off with watch teams- they consist of around 5 people who alternate between driving, doing boat checks and bow watch; and they last around 3 hrs each shift. I was on bow watch to start and at night, it is so hard to focus on the oblivion on the horizon. About seven different times I thought I saw lights in the distance that weren’t really there, but I think that I was the only one with that issue- ha-ha. Next I switched off and took over the helm. It was nerve racking trying to stay on course because the boat has a delayed reaction and whenever it would start going off course I would overshoot it the other direction and just keep zigzagging all the way. If you go too far to either portside of starboard, the sails start going crazy and luffing. Breakfast was a free for all. We much had cereal when our watch team was up, then had lunch of hotdogs together. All day it was pretty much just alternating bow watches and sleeping. I personally took the initiative to catch up on my sleep as much as possible. Which was like trying to sleep on an amusement park ride as Kiri put it. Because the girls cabins is right up on the bow, so sleeping during passage isn’t just gentle rocking– its like the boat is trying to buck you out of your bed. Half the time I would be clinging to the sides of my mattress to keep from flying off, but we all managed to get some sleep. We arrive in Nevis tonight and can finally shower for the first in two days. Hallelujah! Well see what tomorrow brings.