Location: Nevis

Nevis, a beautiful independent island, had a lot to offer for the crew of Ocean Star. Our driver Barry taxied us through the winding roads of the town at the base of the mountain. We set out to hike to the source of all of Nevis’s freshwater, which ran down from the summit into the town. We began our hike winding through some local homes and came to a trail in the dense jungle. We trekked along the trail, climbing up and down steep steps carved right into the mountainside and shuffling along narrow shelves above near-vertical drops. Close to the end of the hike, we come to the wall of rock. The only way up is a 40-foot tall ladder embedded into the stone. We go two at a time climbing up the steel, and we can hear the water rushing louder with every step. At the top, the water runs down a slender space in the rock, falling into a pool. We all took turns cooling off in the pool and standing underneath the waterfall. Altogether the hike was tough, but by the end, there was nothing more rewarding.