Location: Nevis

This morning we all woke up as usual at 7:15 and gathered together for breakfast. The weather was very nice, a little cloudy with a light breeze, yet still a comfortable amount of sun cover. Right after breakfast, we headed down to the salon for a marine biology class lecture reviewing the topics we have studied thus far. We are all getting really serious about cracking down now, as our first assignment is due bright and early tomorrow morning! After class, we learned, to our joy, that we were going to have shore time all day, so most everyone hustled around getting their things together so that they would be ready to head to land when the dingies were ready for us. For those of us who opted not to go to shore, there was windsurfing and swimming to be done! Meanwhile, on land, we all split up. We went our own ways taking taxis to restaurants by the beach, going to museums, walking around the beautiful town of Nevis, or simply web surfing at an internet cafe while enjoying a cold coca-cola with ICE. Upon returning to our lovely vessel, Blake and Colby dished up some great burritos for dinner. Afterward, we have MTE class and time to work on our Research Paper Proposals for Oceanography with our groups. Hopefully, everyone gets a good night’s sleep because tomorrow we begin the long haul, for real, to Grenada, a treacherous three-day passage across the ocean. So far, Ocean Star has taken us everywhere we need to go, so no worries about getting there safely. The real question is, will Ralf make another appearance? Peace, Abigail Dorothy.