Location: Underway

Today my watch team (including George, Parker, Tom, Spencer, Hannah, Emily and I) woke up at 0440 for our 0500-0800 underway watch. We got to experience a lovely sunrise whilst eating a most bodacious breakfast of cereal. We then woke up watch team two and got to head back down below for some rest before lunch (although I stayed up to work on my oceanography lit paper). After a delectable lunch of fried rice we had an MTE class and started our oceanography literature review presentations. Our five presenters did a great job and started off our presentations on the right foot. The rest of our day was a normal day underway consisting of sleeping, watch, sleeping, eating, cleaning up, sleeping some more watch and sleeping. We were all very excited when we saw land through the thick fog on the horizon because we knew we were getting close. To my surprise Tenerife is a very large, populated island. We made it to the island and docked before 2300 and were all extremely happy to be able to go to sleep in an unmoving bed. We can’t wait to see what Tenerife has in store for us when we wake up tomorrow. As two of my idols Bill and Ted once said “Be excellent to each other.”