Location: Tenerife, Canaries

The morning started with a fantastic breakfast of “toads in a hole” cooked by JP our head chef today! Then we went down below for class and listened to our OCE lit presentations and learned some amazing things did you know dolphins have special whistles for each other much like our use of names? Or that the same techniques have been used for thousands of years for commercial fishing? After our presentations we went back on deck for the largest BA (Boat Appreciation) of the trip to date. We started at 9 and ended at 2 and it spend the whole time scrubbing, waxing, shinning and fixing anything and everything we could on Argo. After a fantastic hotdog lunch we went out for our first taste of the Canary Islands. It is beautiful here and I for one find myself wishing constantly that my loved ones could be here with me and experience this amazing adventure too. The highlight of my day however was walking back after the days adventures and see how bright Argo sparkled. It’s nice to see what we can accomplish when we all work together. Lastly I would like to give a shout out to all of my girls back home I miss you Mom, Omie, Morgan, Mckenna, and Erin.

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