Location: Underway to Borneo

After just about two days underway, we have arrived at the head of the Kumai River! Early tomorrow morning, we will set off on riverboats to spend the night in the jungle and hopefully see some orangutans and crocodiles. Today we had a viewing of Blue Planet during OCB after a lecture on the open ocean and then we were put on the spot during SLD with 1 minute “how to’s,” where we were given a slip of paper with an action and had to teach the rest of the class how to do that activity in a minute. For instance, we learned how to headbang, how to moonwalk, and how to roll our R’s. An hour before dinner, we were all hands on deck, fully outfitted in our foul weather (luckily it never rained, but we were ready!) gear and striking the sails in preparation of entering the river. After a delicious dinner, we are all back to work, keeping a vigilant watch on boat traffic as we near land and prepare to anchor later in the evening. So ends this day.