Location: Borneo

It was a very exciting day as we set out on our jungle adventure. We woke up this morning for an early breakfast so that we could be ready in time for our 8 am pick-up by the riverboats. The morning was rather lazy on the three riverboats as we napped, read, sipped coffee and tea, and played some cards during our 4 hour trip up the river. After a delicious lunch of traditional Indonesian food, we started off into the jungle to find some orangutans. It didn’t take us long until we saw our first orangutan sitting in a chair on the back porch of an old park ranger building like an old grandmama from the south. After our encounter with Siswi, our first orangutan, we walked a little further into the jungle to a feeding platform where we saw many more orangutans of all ages and sizes. After a short walk back and a snack of fried bananas on the riverboats, we went a little downriver to where we docked for the night. We all enjoyed the sights and sounds of the jungle until it was time to enjoy the tastes and flavors of the delicious Indonesian dinner we had, which was complete with chicken feet. Once the sun had left its pink and golden impressions on the sky, we went out for a night walk through the jungle. While we were lucky enough not to see any panthers, we did, however, see plenty of large spiders and insects, including bird-eating tarantulas (one of the biggest spiders in the world) and a few centipedes. However, we did not see any Slow Loris, which I am personally very upset about. If you don’t know what a Slow Loris is, Google it, they’re adorable. After the creepy-crawly walk, we all got back to the boats and nested up under our mosquito nets for the night; all were enjoying a full night’s sleep in the wilds of the jungle. Peace, Love, and Fair Winds ~ Richard