Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

Hi all! We are all enjoying ourselves here in Richards Bay, South Africa. The boat feels empty, as half of the group departed for an overnight safari earlier today, leaving the rest of us here to study navigation this morning. After a short class and study session, we were left with the rest of the day to ourselves to do as we pleased. Many of us went to the mall while Taylor and I wandered around the marina and practiced even more navigation. It was an overall relaxing day, and those of us left on the boat are anxiously waiting to hear all about the safari and, maybe even more importantly, the accommodations that include hot water showers! Just kidding, the animals take the cake of what we are excited about, of course.

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, the preparations are beginning, with Maco shark peeling pumpkins for a trial run of her Thanksgiving pumpkin bread. We had a great lightning show just after dinner, which was a real treat! You can feel the weather blowing in, with winds ripping through so much that there is a huge gap between Argo and the dock, creating lots of fun getting back onto the boat in creative and daring ways! Overall, it has been another day in paradise here on Argo with lots of relaxation and studying.

Signing off one last time from my last day as skipper this trip,

– Nicky P =)

Ps: Hi mom, dad, granny, grumps, nana, papa, Chelsea, and Tom! I hope you are all doing well, and I miss you lots. Talk soon!