Location: Richards Bay, South Africa

It is day 2 of golden birthdays. I turned 19 yesterday, and Jules turned 20 today. The days were both celebrated extensively, and it was such a fun couple of days.

This morning began with hot oatmeal for breakfast, a completely underrated meal that nearly everyone enjoys. Following breakfast, we had a marine biology test and an oceanography class. Initially, the plan was to have nearly a full day of shore time to adventure and explore, but due to customs, we were set back by a few hours. Not that Im complaining; I squeezed in a wonderful 2-hour nap that was much needed. By the time we were allowed to go ashore, everyone was excited and ready to go. We hopped off, with the intention to be back by 620 at the latest to go to our night out. Reservations were made, and everyone ended up coming back about an hour ahead of time to shower and get all dressed up.

Once I was onshore, Petey, Caroline, and I immediately set out for an ATM, and it didnt take more than 15 minutes to find one. Grabbing some South African cash, we went to a corner convenience store to get some Magnum ice cream bars and some icy cold water. Quickly realizing that we have the opportunity to get something fried, we set out for a good restaurant, realizing there are multiple. We ended up going to Mustangs, American cuisine, with a cool atmosphere. Petey and Caroline both got chicken strips and fries, and I got half a rack of short ribs and some onion rings. The rings were a bit of a letdown, but the ribs were immaculate. Everyone quickly finished their meal, and when the bill came, we put together that everything is ridiculously well priced here. I paid roughly $8 USD for my entire meal, and it was definitely worth it.

Moving on to after the meal, we head back to Argo to shower and get ready for the fun night ahead. Makeup and choosing the right outfit took close to an hour and a half, and when I finished my last layer of mascara, we were rounded up to go out. Everyone looked clean and fresh and so excited to go.

The restaurant was one of the many in the marina, and it was also an American cuisine for the most part. There were a couple of exotic appetizers like garlic snails, but for the most part, it was burgers, more ribs, and pizza. I know I had just gotten some ribs, but I could never get sick of them, so I ordered the Mr. Pig pizza. Mr. Pig is topped with bacon, ham, salami, and ribs. Yes, ribs on top of a pizza. I have never heard of something so American before. It took a while to get our food, but it was so worth it, and the night was so fun. Following dinner, we wandered around, scoping out what we would be working with for the next week. Unfortunately, 10:30 came too soon, and we had to return to the boat. The night was incredible, and I genuinely hope Jules had a wonderful golden birthday.

As I do every blog post I have written, I hope that every reader takes an extra couple minutes out of your day to give our fuzzy children an extra hug. Its been so long since Ive been able to pet an animal, and I miss my Scruffy more than I can fathom. As for the reader, I hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for following us on our journey via the blog.