Location: Pain de Sucre, Les Saintes

So this morning the crew woke up bright and early with a classic from Peter Frampton, Do You Feel Like We Do? And we hope you most certainly do because we are living it up down here in these lovely French islands. After an amazing breakfast of fresh baguettes, cheeses, fruits and jams we sat down for Oceanography class. This mornings lecture dealt with the composition of seawater which happens to be very complex and tends to vary due to depth and other factors such as photosynthesis, respiration, and other chemical reactions influencing the ph level. After class we caught a couple dinghy rides for some shore time and lunch. A few of us made it down to le bureau du poste and sent a few post cards and other items stateside. Also, yesterday a few of the guys found a pretty sweet beach at the opposite end of the island and swam out to an island in the cove. However, yesterday it pretty much rained all day so most of us did not check out the beach/island until today while it was sunny. Of course the beach and view from the island was amazing. While walking back from the beach we got dumped on by a high noon rain shower. By the time we made it to meet up with everyone at a cafe for lunch we were soaked. Hot Panini’s were served for lunch followed by milkshakes and we were back on the boat by one o’clock. The second half of the day was focused on our first night dive. After our anchor was removed from an old mooring chain snag, we motored a few minutes down the coastline to our night dive site. Once we dropped anchor and tied our stern to a huge rock to stabilize us for a dive platform we went over some PADI night dive information. This was followed by a snorkel of the surroundings and dive gear preparation before dinner. Pineapple chicken curry was served for dinner and after cleanup we were ready to dive. We dove in three different groups and it was incredible. As soon as we jumped in bioluminescence was surrounding our every movement. When we made our descent we turned off all our dive lights and moved our arms around causing the water to glow. Once the dive lights came back on the creatures we saw were definitely different from the snorkel during daylight. We saw lobsters, eels, squid, basket stars, and all sorts of other crazy things. Everyone was very excited once we surfaced and shortly after our dive gear was stowed we were served hot chocolate and brownies for a perfect night cap. This semester has only just begun and it has been such an amazing experience for all of us on board. We should be sailing again tomorrow towards our next island adventure. For all of our friends and family that read this we would like to say thanks for your continued support and well have plenty of stories for you during Christmas. Also, shout out to Lee Anne, hope your having fun at school without me!