Location: Terre en Haute, Les Saintes

Un joure incroyable! Which means What an incredible day! in French, and quite an incredible day it was. We explored the French islands known as The Saints, or to the French, Les Saints. We awoke to a pretty vicious downpour, but that did little to damper our spirits. The whole crew was eager and ready to explore this cozy little island. After our wet dinghy rides to the dock, the crew split into groups and went exploring. Some went to a little cafe for baguettes and croissants; some went on the hunt for souvenirs, while others just roamed the island. The locals were all friendly, except that very few spoke a single word of English, which made asking for directions a tad difficult. After some amazing pastries, a great lunch in a nice French restaurant, fiery bananas for dessert, and my discovery of a half-liter glass bottle of coke, nobody was hungry for dinner! But it was all worth it. Tonight we have a Marine Biology class, and tomorrow, we continue to explore The Saints along with something I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of the trip: a night dive! So that’s all for today, and everybody on board is excited to see what kind of adventures this trip holds for us tomorrow, and so we go! Oh, When The Saints Come Marching In