Location: Tobago Cays

We had an exciting and busy day in the Cays. The morning started off with Emma and Logan’s classic crepes and was followed up with an OCE quiz and class. Following class, a few rigged up windsurf boards but had to wait for some brief squalls to pass before testing their skills. After a lunch of tuna melts, the group organized their diving gear and set off to accomplish the first advanced water dive, the navigation dive. Everyone did well and managed to not get lost, so the dive was successful. Post-dive, some headed to the beach, a few people snorkeled, while others continued windsurfing. Emma and Logan made a fiesta for dinner, including some tasty nachos, and everyone chowed down after a full day of water activities. We finished the day with a communications class and some very interesting demonstrative speeches about marlin spiking, synchronized swimming, and car rescues.