Location: The Atlantic Ocean

The heavy winds from the past couple of days died down in the early hours of the day, which required two watch teams to haul down the mainsail at four in the morning. As the sun rose across the horizon, we knew that today was going to be probably the most beautiful and calm day of this passage. The day started out as usual. The only thing that stood out of the ordinary was the American flag apparel being worn today as a celebration for the United States Independence Day. As per custom, tea will be thrown overboard, and we were lucky to have David’s American flag shorts raised for the world to see. Showers resumed on deck today, and we were happy to have a cold blast of salty northern Atlantic water straight to our faces on this warm day. We are only a few days away from Gibraltar, and although we can’t see land for the first time on our passage, we have seen multiple boats on the radar, signifying that the European mainland is not too far. (307.2 miles from Gibraltar)

On an academic level, we finished our MTE Navigation Masters course and will now continue to study and practice for the upcoming test in a couple of weeks. In Oceanography, we began to go into biology, which adds a different and more holistic dimension to the class. As the sun peaked above the horizon, we were graced by a pod of dolphins off our port bow, reminding us that we were not alone in this vast blue marble. The end of the day was relaxing as we ate breakfast for dinner and enjoyed the last couple of hours of the warmth of the sun. All is well aboard Argo, and we are excited to set foot in Gibraltar and continue this voyage into the Mediterranean and towards Nice. Happy Fourth of July to everyone back in the United States.