Location: Monaco

We started off this day anchoring in Villefranche, France. Our main event for today was to visit Monaco to visit the Oceanographic museum. Before that we had to complete a class in Marine Biology and get briefed on menu planning for the rest of the trip. After this week we are expected to be able to design a balanced menu for each day one of us is a head chef. After the classes we had a quick lunch and cleanup and went toward shore to board a train to visit Monaco. After arriving in Monaco we visited the palace and wandered around the aquarium/museum section up on this large hill/cliff. Soon after getting bored of the palace we split up into multiple groups and wandered around the town. Some of us wandered around the docks and checked out some of the newest and most expensive boats in the world. At 6:00 we met up again and signed out. Tonight was our first night we were able to drink a glass of wine or beer and enjoy the city. We met up again around 11:00 and took the train back to Villefranche and then proceeded to return to the boat and promptly crashed for the night.

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