Location: Villefranche, France

7:30 Breakfast OCE Oceanography class Swimming skill test (All hands on deck. Some jumped, others, dove, the brave front-flipped, and the crazy back-flipped into the crystal clear water of Villefranche). SHOWER 11:00 Dinghies into town 3:00 Back on ARGO 4:00 Haul anchor (destination Porto Venere, Italy) 6:30 DINNER Scuba Diving class Bed time/anchor watch

Spicy taters and cheesy scrambled eggs at sunrise. The delicious flavor made up for the potato’s crunchiness. A hearty breakfast was necessary for all us tired-eyed sleepy-heads for two main reasons:

1.) The previous night was the crew’s first “night out.” Meaning we were allowed an evening of RESPONSIBLE drinking. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say our night in Monaco was unforgettable.

2.) We had a day packed full of adventures ahead of us: oceanography/scuba diving/swimming classes, exploring Villefranche or catching the train to Nice, sailing 110 miles to Porto Venere, three hour night watches

However, curiosity surpassed all other thrills throughout the day. All conversations evolved around one topic. Today, a new student would be joining the ARGO.

Immediately after arrival, Victoria easily fit in with all of us.

Our crew is now complete.

Oh and Happy Birthday Kris!

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