Location: Portovenere, Italy

At about 10:00 this morning we arrived in Porto Venere, a small port town known for its quaint street market, where one can find homemade honey candies and knock-off handbags and sneakers. The market gives the town an authentic, old-world Chinatown feel, and is a wonderful introduction to Italy. We spent some time in the town waiting for the bus, browsing the market, enjoying a gelato, or even joining a game of soccer on a small beach. We then traveled to Pisa, where we walked together to the Leaning Tower. When we arrived some of us took hilarious photographs miming being crushed to death by the tower or read up on the history of the tower. We left the tower in smaller groups, and spent a lovely day in the city, eating delicious food, enjoying more gelatos, and taking in the town. We ended the day tired, but happy.

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