Location: English Harbour, Antigua

The day began very early at midnight as the crew all mustered on deck to raise the anchor for our departure from Nevis. We made our way around the southern end of Nevis and then took a heading of 110 degrees towards Antigua. Unfortunately we couldn’t sail effectively as our heading was directly up wind, so we motored up through the swells and wind. We arrived at the southeastern point of Antigua at about 12:00. From here the helmsman had to hold a steady course along the southern coast keeping a safe distance from the reef. Kate taught three point fixes to a group and they managed to successfully plot our position without the use of the GPS, a good skill for near shore sailing. We arrived in English Harbour at about 1500 and tied up stern-to the dock in Nelsons dockyard. We then had a little bit of free time to begin exploring some of the historical sites of Nelsons dockyard before meeting back on board to squeeze at 6pm. For dinner this evening we went out for pizzas in Falmouth and enjoyed our first night out together. It is amazing to look back on every day and realise just how much we pack into our days out here.

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