Location: Antigua to St. Barths

As the wake-up calls sounded, the crew enjoyed our last morning coffee at the Admiral Inn in the incredible English Harbor. Coffee was followed by a breakfast of champions: chocolate chip pancakes. Antigua was a crowd favorite for many of Argo’s crew, but it was now time for passage prep before we got underway, and Argo was ready, faster than any Nascar pit crew could manage. We had our final lunch aboard, and then it was anchors up. Antigua’s historic island and wonderful people will be missed, but Argo is eager to see what St. Barths holds in store for us. Rounding the corner of the harbor into the open sea, the crew raised Argo’s sails for the first time. Finding our sea legs, we went straight into learning the ropes of tacking and jibing. After an afternoon of seamanship knowledge, we gathered in the cockpit for dinner with nothing but the sunset and open sea in sight. Watch teams are now prepping for a night passage, in hopes of favorable winds, a starry night, and a new adventure on the horizon at first light.