Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Spending a full day on solid ground was a strange feeling today after our last passage, which was plagued by squalls of howling wind and pelting rain during my watch shift. After a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon, we set off for a morning hike around the island. I filled my water bottle with sea glass from the beach we started our hike from, which led to a decent level of dehydration later on, but the hike itself made up for it. From the cactus-lined path, we saw stunning views of the island and of Argo, safely tied up in the harbor below. We then made our way down to a series of small cliffs leading to the ocean, which were riddled with tide pools (and sea urchins), and watched the sea swells crash over the rocks as we explored. After the hike, we spent some time smashing open coconuts on the beach to drink the water inside and then set out to explore the island, a venture that led us directly to the supermarket. We made our way around to Falmouth Harbour, the next harbor over from where Argo is docked, frequently stopping to chat with locals, who were incredibly friendly and welcoming, and scout out mango trees. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the beach, which gave us a fantastic view of two of our shipmates struggling to paddleboard against the wind and current up the bay. Another great day in the Caribbean, but we are all excited to finally be sailing tomorrow en route to St. Barths!