Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Day 8,

My day started at 4 AM, joining my watch team at mid-ships for our 4 hour night watch as Argo continued her journey from Nevis to Antigua. We sailed into the wind, white caps rocking the boat left and right, up and down, but we carried on. As the sun rose, my team felt an overwhelming sense of achievement for not one soul yakked during our shift. The best part of the day was waking back up at 10:30 AM and peeping my head out of the hatch to see Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbor. We had finally made it to Antigua. This is by far the most beautiful island we have sailed to up to this point. This dockyard is one of the oldest ones in the Caribbean, and you can definitely tell by the architecture of all of the buildings. The afternoon was spent giving Argo a thorough and much-needed wash. Everyone was anticipating the night out after dinner, in which we got to explore some of the islands and celebrate with a few beverages.

This trip has been one incredible experience, and each day brings a new adventure. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the voyage has in store for the Argonauts.