Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Our day began with our 7 a.m. wake up call, which led to our morning breakfast. Our day was full of horseback riding and cycling around the island. Seven other girls, including myself, opted for the tour on the horse; many of my fellow shipmates chose bike riding. After loading up the dinghy and making our way to land, we were greeted by an incredibly nice taxi driver named Hilarena, who greeted us all with hibiscus flowers. Our taxi ride also included great sights and facts about the island, such as it is Alexander Hamilton’s birthplace (cue the intro). The group that went bike riding around the island made their way to one location, where they started the ride and spent several hours braving the many hills of Nevis. We, however, made our way to the horses, and as we arrived, we were given horses to ride for the afternoon. I was fortunate to receive my horse, Little Princess, who lived up to her name, while another one of my shipmates received a horse named Obama. Our ride began with a walk on the beach and around the island, and before we knew it was time to part ways with Little Princess, Obama, and the many other horses who came for the ride. After a fantastic horse ride, we had an opportunity to pick up some snacks at the local supermarket. Shortly after, we had some time to walk around the dockyard area before waiting to return to Argo. As we ate dinner, we watched the sunset on our time at Nevis. Until next time folks, its Bianca signing off.

P.S. Greeting to my parents. I can’t wait to share my experience on a sailboat; I’ll be home soon!

-Bianca M.