Location: BVI to Nevis

Fours hours into our journey to Nevis and the seasickness were in full effect, even for me, who has never been seasick. I couldn’t wait to wake up at 3:30 am for my 4-hour watch just to be above deck, breathing fresh air and not trapped in the tummy twister cabin. Everyone took turns keeping watch sleeping and providing assistance to those less functioning. The chef made us a delicious looking lunch, but unfortunately, only half of us enjoyed it while some of us savored a plain flour tortilla or bagel to settle our stomachs. Watch teams ensured a safe passage and kept up on safety checks throughout the day. By dinner, everyone had rallied, and we sat together in the cockpit for a Mexican fiesta of buffet-style tacos. Only one more hour to complete our 24-hour trip, and we can finally put the anchor in some sand and enjoy a good night’s sleep, not fearing that you might roll off the top bunk.