Location: Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Today was the last training day for the new open water divers, where we learned more skills about communicating underwater, what to do in emergency situations, and how to dive without harming sea life. Open water divers got to see many sea creatures that we had seen before, and even more that we had never seen. Personally, I learned that a type of underwater sea slug used to be used as a form of currency throughout the islands. Students that came here scuba certified got to snorkel, and scuba and they saw a school of baby Caribbean reef squid that were very friendly and hung out for quite a while. Later that day, we relaxed after two sessions of scuba by taking relaxing saltwater showers and got to dry off in the warm Caribbean sun. Once we were all dried off, we readied the boat for our upcoming passage, had a delicious dinner, and left the BVI for Nevis. Fingers crossed that our 24-hour passage won’t be too hard on everyone!

SCUBA photos by Josh Leiberman