Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, BVI

This morning we arrived at Mountain Point just in time for a fruitfully sweet breakfast featuring an amazing fruit salad. With this host of antioxidant power, the open water divers set up their gear and headed out to finish their skills training. The advanced divers, including myself, went out on our dive shortly before lunch. We passed a group of open water divers, and the excitement on their faces was truly priceless. On our dive, we followed the reef edge and saw a plethora of soft corals, of which my favorite were our gorgonian friends. Under shelves of rock, fish poked in and out, staying around us for only moments before taking off to do fish stuff. We passed the carcass of a massive crab and used this as a directional point when going back to the mooring ball. After a lunch of lentil and veggie soup artfully prepared by chef Ian, the rest of the advanced divers went out, and the open water divers did yet another round of training.

At this point, those left on Argo were pretty beat, and the day lazily slipped by with much napping, reading, conversation, and general peace. A few of us went snorkeling and jumped off the bow, swimming along the sides of Argo and getting our workout in against the strong current. Our photographer had an encounter with some reef squid and joined their numbers for about an hour as they accepted and gossiped about him in their squidy language. Our evening finished with yet another tasteful meal by chef Ian and our squeeze “your spirit animal and why” and appreciations. All are happy, full, and cheerfully tired as tomorrow we make way for Nevis.

SCUBA photos by Josh L.