Location: St. Pierre, Martinique

Day 40! We woke up this morning with mixed emotions: content with how far we’ve come but realizing that from this point forward, we’ll be counting down the days we have left. Breakfast consisted of a combination of eggs and cornbread (picture 1). Shortly after, we left pristine Marigot Bay, pointing north in the direction of Martinique. The sails were quickly and efficiently raised (pictures 2 and 3), giving our first mate Momo a good reason to crack one of her notorious smiles (picture 4). Passage consisted mainly of basking in the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather, or for some making some last-minute additions to the oceanography papers due at midnight. Many engaged in cheerful chatter (picture 5), all while feeling very safe and comfortable given our captain Jack was at the helm (picture 6). After eating a mac and cheese lunch underway (picture 7), we proceeded to wash the dishes, with professor Nick undertaking the courageous task of hauling in saltwater from the ocean (picture 8). At this point, realizing the blog might be lacking in excitement, I decided to document some of our living conditions to show those reading the blog back home the luxury they are missing out on. The pictures consist of the galley or kitchen (picture 9), the living room (with an intimate view of the boy’s bunks in the background) (picture 10), the door leading to the engine room (galley to the right of it) (picture 11), and finally, the companionway leading up to the deck (picture 12). Around 16:30, we finally dropped the anchor just outside of St. Pierre, a town in the northwestern part of Martinique (picture 13). It’s our first French island (picture 14), and we are very much looking forward to visiting the shore tomorrow!