Location: En Route to St. Kitts

Today marked the beginning of our first official passage from Virgin Gorda to St. Kitts. As we said goodbye to the British Virgin Islands, many were ill-prepared for the journey ahead. Anchors were raised at roughly 10:30, and by 11:00, we were underway blissfully unaware of the rough seas ahead. With fierce winds and four to six-foot waves pounding against Ocean Star, exactly half of her inhabitants succumbed to seasickness. But we beat on and turned what was supposed to be a more than a 24-hour journey into one that lasted a mere 20. Luckily, the voyage was not all nausea and vomiting. The crew broke up into watch teams to take turns watching the ship on our trip. Rotating out between bow watches, steering the helm, and performing boat checks, we all learned more about how our girl Ocean Star really performs. Maybe she is not quite as gentle as many of us would have hoped, but she did get us from point A to point B without too much drama.

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