Location: Norman Island, BVI

The crew of the Argo started their mornings early with a hike on Salt Island, BVI, to see the sunrise. Exploring, swimming, and frolicking were done by all. After such a wonderful start to the morning, the chefs, Santana and Sammy, cooked a wonderful meal of eggs and potatoes for everyone. Once everyone had eaten, cleaned themselves, and put on copious amounts of sunscreen, the day proper could begin.

The decks, galley, and cabins of Argo were given a “Passage Check.” The boat went through an arduous checklist of various tasks, everything from reefing the main sail to closing all the doors. Yours truly was given extreme authority over this task, and it must have been because of the fact that the check went extremely smoothly. After Emperor Charles was satisfied with the state of the boat, the moment we had all been waiting for came. The sails were raised.

Raising the sails gave Argo and her crew that jolt we all needed to wake up and understand that this was real. Argo could be felt waking from a slumber that had lasted for far too long. Her sails fully extended, and the engine turned off. The students learned how to keep Argo safe, healthy, and afloat. They learned exactly what they would be looking for on their hourly checks. Everything about the state of Argo needed to be recorded, from the fridge temperature to the watermaker pressure. Everything had a place, a check, and a procedure in case something went wrong.

Once lunch had concluded (a beautifully prepared sandwich bar), our wonderful captain Calum seemed to notice how far into the Atlantic we had sailed and called for a tack or a turn. Despite learning the names and terminology only a few minutes before, the crew tacked beautifully, allowing Argo to coast on wind power all the way back to BVI. After anchoring off Norman Island, the crew took down the beloved sails and made ready for dinner (an even more beautifully prepared burger bar). Once dinner was over, the crew had their Intro to Oceanography class and drifted off to sleep after a full day of work.