Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Today was our first day in Cambodia and everyone was excited to get going. We started off the day by visiting the Bayon temple. As soon as we stepped off the bus we got a taste of Cambodia when we were mobbed by locals trying to sell us everything from books to t-shirts. After escaping the frezy of solicitors we entered the temple and immediately were taken back by the breathtaking temple. After exploring Bayon for a bit we headed to lunch, for a real Cambodian meal which was fantastic. The next stop on our tour was at the Ta Prohm temple, where they filmed the Tombraider movies. This was by far my favorite temple. Inside we found massive trees growing all around that were actually part of the buildings. It was amazing. We finished the day by heading back to the hotel for a warm shower and a great meal. After spending only a day in Cambodia I’m already taken back by all it has to offer. I’m glad we got the opportunity to spend time in such a unique place!