Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

What a busy day! We awoke at 5 am to a thunderstorm hanging over Ko Chang, and after a very wet taxi ride, arrived at the ferry terminal for the half-hour ride across. On the mainland, we loaded into two minibusses for the approx. 4-hour drive to the border, stopping only to get our pictures taken for the visa application. While our paperwork was being processed, we had a very chaotic lunch and then walked across the border and through immigration. This took a couple of hours, and it was about 3 pm when we finally boarded the bus that would take us all the way to our hotel. And what a ride that was! The road wasn’t paved, but that sure didn’t stop our bus driver from going full speed ahead. It was fascinating to see the Cambodian countryside pass by, full of beautiful fields and small villages with people waving to us at every turn. Everyone was excited to finally arrive at the hotel just after 7 pm, have dinner, and join some Semester at Sea students for a swim in the pool. The hotel is gorgeous, but we can’t wait to get out and explore tomorrow!