Location: Underway to Fortaleza, Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean

The time has come for the crew of Argo to say hello to a new continent. After 40 plus days we have finally arrived on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Over 4000 miles from the V and A Waterfront, 2000 miles from St. Helena and 300 miles from Fernando de Noronha we are now quickly sailing towards the continental shelf off the Brazilian coast. For weeks our depth finder has been unable to fathom the depths below Argo’s haul. Studying the charts prior to all of our mid-ocean swim calls, we realized that below us sat several miles of water. In just a few hours, though the gauge will make the jump from a few small dashes flashing across the screen to a number reading less than 100 feet. For a number of the crew this will be a milestone in our biographies. A time to learn to dive, a new country and continent and of course what I’m most excited for, the endless opportunities to jump off the bowsprit into the cool water as we sit anchored in a tropical paradise.