Location: Gustavia, St. Barths

Class let out, the salon emptied and we all went ashore. Some of us sought solace on familiar beaches, while others went on a romp along island roads or dove near the entrance to Gustovia. I decided to walk along the road leading to the airport to see the audacious landing and found myself in St. Jean sitting in an Italian grocery store. I enjoyed an eggplant panini and then meandered down to the beach. The water was as any have seen in an ad for the tropics and the resorts looked quite expensive. I swam out to a buoy and with my hand on it raised my head to see a plane roar past. I became sated with the beach and walked across the island and back to Ocean Star where I sleep and read. I’m looking forward to surfing and must leave now to watch blue planet. All are thoroughly enjoying St. Barths despite it’s price tag.