Location: St.Barths

This morning I woke up to my 6:00 alarm to another wonderful morning in St. Barths. Remembering the oath to myself that I would take advantage of the ever so convenient paved flat roads just off our starboard side, I, as well as a few others, threw our running shoes on and were heading toward the airport. Now, in St. Barths, not just any old pilot can fly on in and land on the island’s runway. You have to be St. Barths certified. The main reason for this is the pilot must first fly just above traffic and then nose dive down a hill, landing on a 3000-foot runway ending with the ocean. Unfortunately, the joggers didn’t quite make it there but saw it from the rental car the day before. Pretty impressive. 7:30 was breakfast, where a few of us realized that we seriously underestimated the UV rays from surf day. Breakfast was followed by a few guest speakers from the island’s marine conservation unit. They explained to us about their mission of marine conservation, the different problems they deal with, such as tourists speeding in and out of the harbor, the impact on marine life, and enforcement issues. They also let us know that the leatherback we released on day 29 was actually the first leatherback in 27 years that they have seen in the areapretty cool stuff. 9:15 rolled around, and we had MTE class, followed by shore time until 16:30. Some of the crew stayed behind and relaxed. Some ate delicious crepes that soon became famous among Ocean Star, some napped, and some shopped. I fell into the last category, and a huge hole fell into my bank account. Dinner was at 18:00 with some delicious penne with pesto and/or marina sauce. Thank you to Lynn and Kate. After cleanup, we had an awesome OCE class with Chris, who taught us some interesting facts about sharks and the misconceptions about them as well. One fact I thought was interesting is that you are more likely to get hit with a piece of an airplane or win the Californian lottery than be a victim of a shark attack. I’d say that’s convincing enough for me to go diving! All in all, day 30 was a nice, relaxing, and expensive, for some, day in paradise.