Location: St.Barths

Today was the epitome of that day that requires nothing less than to relax and have a good time. About five minutes after breakfast was served, the marine park authorities of St. Barth’s offered us the opportunity to release a baby leatherback sea turtle into the wild, which was such an incredible opportunity. Hopefully, little Murphy makes his way into the world. After breakfast and Murphy’s release, we all got ready for surf day in St. Barth’s. Everyone was on the beach by around 10 o’clock and had the entire day to try their attempts at surfing and hang out on the beach. There were a few people who had surfed before, but for those of us who hadn’t, it was potentially one of the most exhilarating experiences we could encounter. Everyone talked about “catching a wave” and said that you would just know’ when it happened, and I personally didn’t believe it until that one wave came along; and even though I didn’t stand up entirely, it was still the sweetest thing ever. The beach we were on was pretty much our own private oasis, which we shared with no less than three other people. After an amazing day at the beach, we all returned to Ocean Star to get ready for our night out at the source of the famous Cheeseburger in Paradise’ (by Jimmy Buffet) at La Select. All in all, today was a great day and one that I’m sure we’ll all remember with fondness as our days aboard Ocean Star grow shorter.