Location: St. Kitts to Nevis

Today we spent the first half of our day having shore time on Basse Terre, which is a part of St. Kits. Basse Terre proved to be absolutely beautiful as we walked around the streets and parks snapping photos and taking in the scenery. Our first order of business was to find coffee, smoothies, and WIFI, all of which we found at a popular cafe called Ritual Coffee, giving us some time to consume much-needed caffeine and catch up with family and friends back home. A few of us found a small smoothie vendor on the side of the street, and for just three dollars, we consumed the world’s best smoothie; refreshing and delicious! After shore time, the scuba divers had their first adventure dive (for Advanced class) on a shipwreck where they got to explore the ship and saw a plethora of beautiful fish. Afterward, everyone was super stoked about the dive and claimed it was the most exciting dive yet! While everyone was exploring the shipwreck, I passed the open water diver final exam and am now one step closer to completing the open water scuba dive certification!! Wooo! Soon I will be able to join the rest of the crew on their dives! We ended the day eating a delicious dinner, cooked by our AMAZING chefs while watching a breathtaking sunset; all while anchored next to a 300 million dollar yacht that looks like a spaceship submarine, called “A.” We ended the day with a Seamanship course and even had some extra time to relax and enjoy a movie!