Location: St. Christopher

Today was boat appreciation day, and we cleaned Ocean Star to make her look like the beautiful vessel she is! Then we hiked up to Fort Brimstone, which was so awesome! When we landed on the beach, we met a local who had just come in from catching lobsters. He showed us one of the lobsters that he caught, and it was definitely the biggest lobster I have ever seen! The hike up to the fort was cool because we began walking through a town that was neat to see how the locals live, then the actual hike was somewhat of an incline, but it was up an actual road to get to the top. The view at the top was amazing! We could look one direction and see Statia Island, look another and see Nevis, and then look out at the ocean and try to grasp the fact that we actually crossed it and on the other side was the BVIs. Two people from one of the cruises in town stopped us and asked if we were the group who was walking up the road to the fort, and were rather surprised with the time we made and that we were still breathing. Back on the boat, we picked up anchor and motored south to Basse Terre, the capital of ‘St. Kitts’. On the way, there was a small rainstorm, but it created two amazing rainbows! The outermost rainbow was actually inside out, so it started with blue/purple on the outside and red on the inside. As we kept moving down the coast, we could actually see both rainbows entirely, which was really cool because I have never seen one end to a rainbow, let alone both ends!