Location: Fort Brimstone, St. Christopher

Watch team 3 (Jon, Mollie Sam, and myself) sailed Ocean Star into a new day this morning as the sun rose high over cumulus clouds. A new day and a new outlook for many onboard as they acquired their sea legs and started to feel more at home on the pitching deck of our vessel. Many slept between watches; a few read, and a couple hung out on deck as the watches kept rotating to sail on towards St. Kitts. The island emerged out of the haze in the early afternoon, and as we neared it, the high volcanic peak of Mt. Liamuiga revealed its true massive proportions. Alas, we had made it! We dropped twin anchors to assure a safe, secure, and much need night’s sleep. With a quick and light dinner in our bellies, the crew quickly retired to their bunks to catch up on some Zs and prepare for tomorrow’s shore excursion! Good night from St. Kitts.