Location: Underway to Port Essington

Another day spent underway-Not much more I have to say-From watch team one to watch team three Only ocean as far as the eye can see-Watch team three had a special guest-Bill Jefferies decided he needed a rest-Being a bird he flew into the sail-And made his presence known with a wail-His hero Laurie set him free-And he took off after a quick recovery-As the sun came up, not a cloud in the sky-The heat made some feel they might die-After lots of water and a hearty lunch-Most noses hit the books for a final crunch-For our first OCE quiz came next-Our knowledge was tested about the text-Followed by our graded OCB test-And then, for some, a long awaited rest-Woken up for Agro sorting Hogwarts style-Shout out to all the other Slytherins who aren’t so vile-Despite our differences both seen and hidden-All our bad smells must be ridden-Mandatory deck showers keep us clean-So no dirt may be seen-As the day comes to a close-The sun begins to fade and tiredness shows-First a squeeze and then a meal-We all come together to share how we feel-To wrap it all up a night of SLD-An attempt to set ourselves free-A time for looking at who we are-And what we’ve accomplished thus far-At the end of the day All the light turns to grey-All brave, cunning, intelligent, and loyal-Look out to sea and forget our toil -Annie S.