Location: Underway to Port Essington

Today, we continued our journey to Port Essington. We had a brief interaction with an Australian Coast Guard plane in the wee hours of the morning (just keeping tabs on the boats in the area), and the day only got more exciting from there! Most people slept until about 10:00; then, we had a wonderful Mexican-themed lunch. Following lunch, we took part in an adventurous, educational assessment (a Marine Biology Exam). I’m pretty sure that everyone aced it. After lunch, a couple of people went fishing off the stern, and Max, our resident semi-Frenchman, caught two tuna (they were too small to keep). The highlight of the day didn’t occur until around 8:00 at night when Argo passed its 1,000-mile mark for this trip. I think I speak for most of the shipmates when I say that I’m surprised by how fast 1,000 miles and three weeks passed us by. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of sailing through what seems like a limitless expanse of blue water in every direction. It is eye-opening and jaw-dropping, to say the least. It seems like a lot of people are catching up on their reading, so I’ll end this blog post with a cheesy quote/poem from a book I just randomly picked off the shelf in the saloon: Also Time running into years–A thousand Places left behind–And Men from both two hemispheres, Discussing things of every kind; So much more near than I had known, So much greater than I ad guessed–An me, like all the rest alone–But reaching out to all the rest!-Rudyard Kipling, from The Return PS- I suppose the poem is a bit verbose and perhaps too deep for this trip (seeing as we all come from the same continent). Still, it retains its appropriateness in its explanation of long-lasting and well-built relationships.