Location: Port-Vila, Efate, Vanuatu

This morning the rescue diver trainees were treated to a surprise wakeup when Lucy and Squeak, also known as Raul, had “trouble” on their dive. The group worked to save the pair in another one of the necessary scenarios to complete our rescue diver certification. Though we did not successfully pass this time, it was great practice for the next time we are ambushed with the scenario. After drying off, we were all treated to breakfast muffins courtesy of Tim, our head chef today. Following breakfast, the crew headed to shore for a day full of activities. We started by squeezing 20 people into a bus on the way to the Mele Cascades. We had a guided tour of the waterfall where our local tour guide, Robert, taught us lots about his culture, including how they use local plants as instruments, toys, decorations, and so much more. Everyone loved hearing what he had to say about his culture and way of living.

After some time swimming in the waterfall and eating lunch, we headed to Hideaway Island Resort. Everyone enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the resort, which included activities such as eating, volleyball, snorkeling, and reading. While everyone else enjoyed a game of sand volleyball, Garrison and I went on an exciting kayaking excursion. It turned out to be quite the adventure when we had to kayak back across the bay as the tide came in. The calm water turned into giant waves as we paddled against the wind, and our sweatshirts were drenched by the time we got back to the resort. A big attraction at the Hideaway Island Resort is the world’s only underwater post office, where you can swim down and actually mail a postcard underwater. Many of us sent out postcards to friends and family back home. We headed back to the boat for a curry dinner followed by squeeze and a leadership class led by Anastacia. Overall, it was a very fun day.

Pictured:Rhea, Garrison, and Kari at Mele Cascades; Amanda and Raul in the water ready for the rescue scenario; Frank, Shelby, and the rest of the gang all crammed into the van for our shore excursions; some of the artwork displayed by Robert using nothing but his hands and things found in nature; ginger lily; Danny wearing his hat made by Robert; views of the various cascades along the walk; Raul, Evan and Danny visiting the underwater post office; the crew playing beach volleyball; some of the coral rubble on the beach at Hideaway Island.